My name is Vanessa Cahill. I live in glorious Portland, Oregon. I am a Senior Product Designer at New Relic. I love playing with data and working with friendly folks like myself.

I'm obsessed with game night (I'll play Pandemic until the cows come home), staying active, and fixing up the 100 year old house that I share with my husband, two cats, and one awesome dog.

Vanessa Cahill


I have experience in a broad spectrum of the UX design process, from research to prototyping to usability testing and iteration.

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I am UX generalist. I have a well balanced background in many different parts of the UX process. I am not afraid of trying to manage multiple projects at once and I am known for being a self starter. If I find myself without clarity, I seek it out by asking questions. I thrive in a team environment and have a strong history of working hand in hand with my engineering teams and product managers.

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    I've conducted research including pre-project scope definition research, persona research, and usability studies.

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    Team player

    I work closely with multiple engineering teams as well as other designers. I love working with others.

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    Interaction Design

    I design efficiently by using existing working patterns, but am not afraid to create new patterns when need be.

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    Visual Design

    I create new styles as well as applying existing styles to create a consistent experience through visual design.

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    I am very comfortable owning and influencing the user experience throughout and across products.

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    I use tools like Invision and Axure to create interactive prototypes to test with customers.


  • 2013-NOW

    Senior Product Designer

    New Relic

    I've been lead designer on multiple features and products over the course of my career at New Relic. I've done customer research, UI prototyping, visual design, and have been an integral part of one of the core product teams for many years. I work closely with multiple engineering teams and product management. I have a lot of background of designing for dev, devops, and ops personas.

  • 2012-2013

    Creative Director


    As Creative Director I worked closely with a variety of clientale to define their user experience and design, primarily during the early lifecycle of their website or app. I worked closely with engineers, clients, and management.


Adobe Illustrator
Research and synthesis
Board game enthusiasm